[mythtv] HDTV doc diff for channel settings

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Wed Jul 21 06:49:24 EDT 2004

Daniel Thor Kristjansson wrote:
> This is a great improvement. But a couple nitpicks...
> * The frequency part of the "freqid" can be any channel starting at 2,
>   in my city there are a couple ATSC stations on channel 12.

Yup, Providence has WPRI-DT at 13.  I *think* it's only "upper VHF" 
(channel 5 and above?) that will be assigned to HDTV, and the lower VHF 
spectrum reclaimed for non-TV uses.  That will make everyone's (who need 
them) VHF antennas smaller , too.

> * It is recommended to the broadcasters that they don't change the
>   program id's often and that they never use program id 1. This is for
>   faster tuning, and for compatability with DVB which uses program id 1
>   for the Network Information Table. If you are using a freqid such as
>   "44-1" and it works, this is only because MythTV tries to guess at the
>   program id if you got it wrong, and often guesses correctly.

4 of out 10 stations I receive west of Boston are currently using 
program ID 1.  This number is, however, going down.

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