[mythtv] current state of mfd and mythmusic ?

rimas rimas at cnmat.berkeley.edu
Tue Jul 13 19:44:34 EDT 2004


i recently compiled and installed the latest CVS versions of mythtv, mythmusic 
and mfd and was wondering what the current state of the interface between 
mythmusic and mfd was.  my motivation for installing mfd was to be able to 
play AAC files from within mythmusic and i was wondering if this was possible 
yet ?

at this point, my AAC (.m4a) files show up properly in the mythmusic listings 
but when i try to play one i get no sound (and the timer doesn't advance, 
etc).  however connecting manually (via telnet) i can tell the mfd audio 
plugin to play an aac file and audio comes out fine. 

also, the daap server seems to work okay (i can listen to files on the 
mythmusic box from iTunes on my mac) but i'm not sure how to use the daap 
client (i can tell from the mfd log file that its connecting to the iTunes 
server on my mac but i don't see the files listed anywhere in mythmusic).

any insight on these issues (or pointers to more information) would be greatly 
appreciated, thanks to everyone who has contributed to this most excellent 
piece of software


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