[mythtv] Looking for XMLTV/MythTV/LIRC developers

aaron at plutohome.com aaron at plutohome.com
Tue Jul 13 13:09:11 EDT 2004


We have a commercial product, www.plutohome.com.  We need some
help reworking our PVR system, and also with the infrared 
database.  There are also general projects as well.  
Everything we have done is in C++ (Linux gcc), although 
sometimes they call scripts in perl or other languages, and 
some of the UI is web based in PHP.  We are still very small, 
and trying to get the product off the ground, so I am trying 
to find some really good programmers that I can hire as 
freelancers who might be interested in working from home as 
a side project.  We have leveraged a lot of open source 
projects before, and released much back into the open 
source community.  So, this is an opportunity to work on a 
fun project doing what you already do, and benefit your open 
source project, and get paid to do it.  Let me know if you 
would be interested, or if you know someone who might.

I can be reached at: aaron at plutohome.com


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