[mythtv] [PATCH] MythVideo cd support

Xavier Hervy maxpower44 at tiscali.fr
Sun Jul 11 18:54:53 EDT 2004

First at all, did you try it ?
if so, what is your main impression ?
> Xavier,
> Much as I hate to do this:
> Can you please break your patches up into logical chunks that accomplish 
> smaller tasks?  You're changing so much with one patch it's a bit 
> difficult to track everything and I'm not comfortable with just applying 
> it and saying "it seems to work".
> A good place to start is the support for data CDs.  That's something 
> concrete.
I agree with you when you said 'I'm not comfortable with just applying
it and saying "it seems to work".'

But i will spent a lot of time to split it to few little patch. and the 
most of feature are interdependant.
Yes, i can do a patch only for support data cd (without collection) but 
it's just few lines in videotree.

For the other things, to integrate cd collection, i should rewrite video 
filter to have a much easy way to use it and add storage filter. when i 
rewrote video filter, i remove by the same way filter on browse flag 
(and normalize the use of browse flag),  add last seen filter and move 
parental level check in videofilter (no reason to load a big list of 
video and remove all item which have a parental level much hight, when 
the database can do it for us). but it's all.

I should too add cd detection, when we play a video on the cd 
collection. Here, i don't want to do a copy and past of this code to 
videotree, videogallery and videobrowser. then i decide to normalize 
this stuff in VideoPlayer class. It's give rise to prevent videotree to 
bug in browe mode if you insert cd data, watch video tree, eject cd, and 
play a video from the cd.

Last thing : I should add the capability to browse cd collection in 
videotree and videogallery. the stuff is made by videofilter because the 
query produce what tree need in videogallery and videotree. It's give me 
the rise to allow user to organize the tree like he want. (group by stuff)

I just say that because I want you to understand it will be hard for me 
too come back.

I understand you are afraid because i send a lot of version of this 
patch by Matt Potter put pression on me, when i would apply a patch that 
i do, and is not a final patch.
You can be afraid that i send a patch and i don't maintain it if other 
bugs will be found but i do this stuff because i need it and use it. 
then i can promise to debug quickly if someone notice a trouble with it 
(feedback about bug are already fix in the last patch, other bad 
feedbacks come from user that don't use mediamonitor correctly or user 
that build mythvideo before install libmyth).

In an other hand, if i don't spend time to split this patch, i can focus 
me on usb/firewire stuff for mediamonitor ( what i'm doing now) or 
implement a lot of ideas to improve again mythvideo (it's forever 
possible :)).

> Can you explain the following:
> //only register media handler if VideoAutoAddMediaToDatabase is turned on
> +    // or VideoOnInsertMedia different to 0
> +    //if ( gContext->GetNumSetting("VideoAutoAddMediaToDatabase",0)==1
> +     //  || gContext->GetNumSetting("VideoOnInsertMedia",0)!=0)
> +        REG_MEDIA_HANDLER("MythVideo CD/DVD DATA Media 
> Handler","","",runMediaHandler,MEDIATYPE_DATA);
> Is comment correct or is the code since they appear to be mutually 
> exclusive.
I have forget this part of the code. Here i don't know exactly what i want.
if you keep it like this, it means that media handler return to main 
menu even if you configure mythvideo to do nothing when cd has been insert.
If you uncomment the code,it means that you should restart plugin (i.e 
restart mythfrontend) if you want that mediamonitor do nothing if you 
configure mythvideo to do nothing when cd has been insert.

feel free to remove comment or code. the absolute best way is to add the 
capability for plugin to unregister a media handler in media monitor.

Finaly Thor is very busy with mfd yet then you should be the main dev on 
mythvideo. It's why i would like to have your opinion on these point of 

- modify mythdvd to use media monitor, then user don't need to specify 
what is the device for playing vcd / dvd.
- same in myth music
- same in mythgallery (but here we should implement the multi media 
handler for the same kind of media)
That can be a problem if media monitor don't work very well for few users

For mythvideo now :
- add the capability for a user to enter a human readable name for cds
- capability to copy video in from cd to hard drive
- Change parental level. I would like to have parental level grab from 
imdb/allocine. in french/france we have more leval than 4.
we have "Children can watch", nothing, "more than 10 years old", "more 
than 12 years old", "more than 14 years old", "more than 16 years old", 
"more than 18 years old" which i can enumerate from 1 to 8. then 4 is 
not enough i probably look in database to have the max level instead of 
take 4 as the max level. grab this information will be naturally optionnal.
- merging videogallery and videotree: videotree is the same as 
videogallery except that it allow to browse file system (it's easy to do 
it in videogallery) and what is displayed is not a list of poster but 
just a list of title/filename.
- merging videogallery and videobrowser: videobrowser is the same as 
videogallery (in flat mode) except that it show only one item per page 
and it display all information about a video.
- then we can remove the main video menu to directly show the new 
videogallery and add a button in videogallery menu to open videomanager.

For MythDVD :
- I would like to have a dvd collection too in mythdvd. I'm thinking 
about extend what already exist (with my patch) for dvd. it means that 
mythdvd should use videometadata. What about merging mythvideo and mythdvd ?


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