[mythtv] MythMusic needs a few more gizmos

Perry Wintner bbengineer at comcast.net
Mon Jul 5 21:12:38 EDT 2004

Corey Woodworth wrote:


> I almost always play music with the full screen visuals on. (Why 
> Not?!) However, since the music library it uses is part mine and part 
> my roomates, often music comes up that I have never heard before and 
> often its good music. I wish when a new song starts that the artist, 
> and title (and possible also album and star rating) were displayed for 
> a few seconds, or maybe till the first big hit. 


I posted a patch a couple of weeks ago that interrupts the visualization 
on a song change just like you are looking for.

Search the mail archives for "Visualization Interrupt"


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