[mythtv] MythMusic needs a few more gizmos

Corey Woodworth cdwom at mpinet.net
Mon Jul 5 17:48:06 EDT 2004

I use mythmusic more than any other mythpackage. I just love having gigs 
and gigs of music all available in my living room =) I would like to see 
a few more features thrown in to my favorite myth package. I hope you 
devs take these to heart :)

I almost always play music with the full screen visuals on. (Why Not?!) 
However, since the music library it uses is part mine and part my 
roomates, often music comes up that I have never heard before and often 
its good music. I wish when a new song starts that the artist, and title 
(and possible also album and star rating) were displayed for a few 
seconds, or maybe till the first big hit. Also, I think the star rating 
should be displayed whenever I press buttons that alter the rating so I 
can see what I'm changing the rating to.

An internal ID3 editor would be nice. It wouldn't have to be feature 
rich and ultra easy to use. But simple enough that when I notice a 
spelling error or mistaged song I can relatively easily correct it.

I also use myth games quite a bit. The one thing that is great about 
having games and music on a PC is that you can turn the game music down 
and have XMMS or some other player blasting your tunes in the background 
while you frag away. This feature is lost in myth because when you exit 
mythmusic your music stops. Certainly I wouldn't want to watch TV and 
listen to music simultaneously, but I can imagine it would be great to 
hear my tunes while in mythnews, mythweather, mythbrowser, or mythgames. 
Somehow this should be possible!

Thanks for listening.

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