MythRadio status [was Re: [mythtv] (no subject)]

Kenneth Aafl°y lists at
Fri Jul 2 18:34:29 EDT 2004

On Wednesday 16 June 2004 18:49, David George wrote:
> On Wed, 16 Jun 2004 Chris_Brownstead at wrote:
> > Anyone looking for MythRadio update.

Yeah, at least interrested in trying it out to see if it'll fit my feet, hu 
hu :)

> > My Mythbox died a horible death, power supply smoked, took motherboard,
> > AGP card and hard disk with it.  Nice. . . .

Now that's sad!

> > Put it all back together last night, works fine and will continue.
> > Status is : 
> > 1. Screens for tuning and saving favorites is done.
> > 2. Radio calls are done. Power on/off, tune up/down, scan/save.
> > 3. FM cards only if they can be mapped as /dev/radio.
> > 4. IVTV driver DOES NOT support FM that I can discern.. . which sucks. so
> > I am using my secondary BTTV card works fine.
> >
> > I should be ready for some volunteer testers by end of July.  If anyone
> > cares . . . Thanks

I was wondering if you could put up a development/alpha version somewhere, so 
that people with other cardtypes and the like could have their say on what 
direction to take with this project. I for one certainly love the idea of 
MythRadio, as DVB usually (and does here) transmits a lot of radio channels 
besides TV services, and all packed nicely in mpeg :)

> P.S.  I am lucky I was a little bored and reading all my email.  I usually
> ignore emails that have a Subject with (no subject) ;-)

Yeah, they suck bigtime :)


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