Watch Recording UI was Re: [mythtv] [PATCH] Add help text to audio device selection

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at
Fri Jul 2 07:07:07 EDT 2004

Kevin Kuphal wrote:

> Jason Parekh wrote:
>> Going along with this cycling of recording groups, I've coded this
>> feature using PAGELEFT and PAGERIGHT..  Is this okay?  I'm going to be
>> submitting a patch in a couple of days and I can change it around
>> before then if need be.  I guess I chose these because they weren't in
>> use and correlate with the left and right movement of the recording
>> group..
> Just out of curiosity, what keys do you have on a remote that would 
> bind to these?  My issue has always been that I don't have any keys to 
> bind to a left/right cycling of groups (which is why I had thought 
> maybe a single button cycle would work but then I don't have alot of 
> groups so I can understand the undesirabilty of having to wade through 
> lots of them).

PAGELEFT and PAGERIGHT are the same keys as are bound to rewind and 
fast-forward in the default keybinding.  I don't personally have an 
issue with that...

> I'd be nice if there was a UI element on screen I could navigate to 
> where the left/right keys switch to cycling the groups and maybe even 
> offering SELECT as a key to drop down a full list to up/down navigate 
> through.  Unfortunately, I'm not up to speed on the GUI coding of 
> something like that yet to try it myself.

There is..  Use the popup that comes from hitting the menu key.  Any 
other UI on the screen is going to be just as intrusive since now you 
have to define a key to let you leave the list view, then select your 
group when you could hit "MENU->SELECT" and be done with it.

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