Watch Recording UI was Re: [mythtv] [PATCH] Add help text to audio device selection

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at
Thu Jul 1 12:17:01 EDT 2004

Jason Parekh wrote:

>>>Related to your comment about TOGGLERECORD above, one thing that I've
>>>found that my ReplayTV does very well is this screen using only the
>>>SELECT button and the navigation buttons.   One important distinction
>>>is the focus between the Recording Grouping (in our case the title on
>>>the left) and the Recorded Items (the list on the right).
>>Ummm *you* mentioned TOGGLERECORD and using it for cycling through
>>recording groups.  I pointed out why that was a bad idea...
>Going along with this cycling of recording groups, I've coded this
>feature using PAGELEFT and PAGERIGHT..  Is this okay?  I'm going to be
>submitting a patch in a couple of days and I can change it around
>before then if need be.  I guess I chose these because they weren't in
>use and correlate with the left and right movement of the recording
Just out of curiosity, what keys do you have on a remote that would bind 
to these?  My issue has always been that I don't have any keys to bind 
to a left/right cycling of groups (which is why I had thought maybe a 
single button cycle would work but then I don't have alot of groups so I 
can understand the undesirabilty of having to wade through lots of them).

I'd be nice if there was a UI element on screen I could navigate to 
where the left/right keys switch to cycling the groups and maybe even 
offering SELECT as a key to drop down a full list to up/down navigate 
through.  Unfortunately, I'm not up to speed on the GUI coding of 
something like that yet to try it myself.


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