Watch Recording UI was Re: [mythtv] [PATCH] Add help text to audio device selection

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at
Thu Jul 1 11:03:52 EDT 2004

Kevin Kuphal wrote:

> J. Donavan Stanley wrote:
>> INFO is for item specific things MENU is for screen wide things (i.e. 
>> INFO has options that only apply to one recording, MENU has things 
>> that apply to all).   Changing it on this screen would break the 
>> consistency we're trying for.
> Is this consistent across the rest of the application?  On the EPG, 
> MENU either takes you out of the EPG or tunes the current channel in 
> the Live EPG (depending on your setting in the configuration this 
> might be SELECT as well).   During viewing, MENU brings up the on 
> screen menu and INFO brings up the OSD.   I know we fundamentally 
> disagree on this, but it seems to me that MENU should bring up a MENU 
> related to the current item (like it does during TV watching) and INFO 
> should be information about the current item.   Now on this screen, we 
> don't have much needed in an "information" category, but using MENU 
> for a menu and INFO for something else is more in line with the 
> current functionality of the rest of the app than the current mappings 
> do.

If an area isn't consistent it'll eventually be brought in line.  The 
inconsistency of what buttons do what across the application has been 
discussed before and needs addressing.   While I would tend to agree 
with your definitions of what MENU and INFO should do, that's not what 
has been decided they should do.

> Related to your comment about TOGGLERECORD above, one thing that I've 
> found that my ReplayTV does very well is this screen using only the 
> SELECT button and the navigation buttons.   One important distinction 
> is the focus between the Recording Grouping (in our case the title on 
> the left) and the Recorded Items (the list on the right).

Ummm *you* mentioned TOGGLERECORD and using it for cycling through 
recording groups.  I pointed out why that was a bad idea...

> With the focus on the Recording Grouping, pressing SELECT brings up 
> menu item choices related to the recordings (like edit recording 
> schedule, delete recording schedule, find all episodes, etc.).  
> Pressing SELECT on an item in the Recorded Items list brings up the 
> obvious choices (like Play, Play from Beginning, Delete, etc.).  
> Pushing PLAY on a Recorded Item starts playing immediately.

The only different thing about Myth is that SELECT performs the default 
action instead of bringing up the menu...  The menu is available with 
one additional key press...

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