[mythtv] [Draft] Filter documentation.

Andrew Mahone andrewmahone at eml.cc
Thu Jan 29 20:37:07 EST 2004

On Fri, 30 Jan 2004 02:17:30 +0100, "Kenneth Aafl°y" <ke-
aa at frisurf.no> said:
> You probably just hit the bug in this patch (ie. you did not specify
> what filters postprocess should load).
> It will display the help if you use 'postprocess=help', to make it
> work, enter 'postprocess=default'.
> Kenneth

I don't think mplayer's spp filter is the same as your postprocess
filter.  Mplayer has had a "pp" filter for some time which I believe is
libavcodec's postproc filter, but I think spp is a more recent addition.
Did you ever get anywhere on finding out what was wrong w/ qscale data in
MythTV?  I know the postproc filter in mplayer works much better with
this data (try forcing a 1:1 scale in mplayer before postproc, which
should strip qscale data, or use postproc's force quant option to assume
a fixed quantizer).
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