[mythtv] Heads up: AlbumArt visualizer

Steele Price steele at xtcp.net
Thu Jan 22 15:05:35 EST 2004

WOOHOO, was going to try that one myself, but just glad someone did it!

you MIGHT also want to allow "foldername".jpg/png  most of my albums are 
saved as Music/Artist/Artist - Album with an Artist - Album.jpg in each 

I was also considering allowing track.jpg/png that would be primary for 
individual tracks, then fall back to album, then fall back to artist.  
While you are doing it, you might as well make it flexible :)

Steele Price
Digital Dreamshop

Kevin Kuphal wrote:

>Just a heads up.  I'm put the finishing touches on an Album Art visualizer
>for MythMusic.  I just have a few things left to test.  
>It works by reading either a .folder.png (FreeDesktop.org/KDE/GNOME
>standard) or a folder.jpg (Windows Media Player) in the folder the current
>track is playing from and displaying that in the visualizer box.  I haven't
>checked full screen usage and I want to check to see if iTunes uses some
>other filename standard and include that as well.  But, I should be able to
>post it here later today.
>So, if you're interested, start grabbing your album art.  I used a program
>for KDE I found here http://louhi.kempele.fi/~skyostil/projects/albumart/
>but I had to compile from source on my RH9 system. 
>Kevin Kuphal
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