[mythtv] PVR250 sometimes sound stops working

Steven Cruysberghs steven.cruysberghs at tiscali.be
Tue Jan 20 11:31:49 EST 2004

Sorry for reposting this. I tried the user list yesterday and didn't get
a usefull reply and since I'm not sure everybody here reads the users
list... (if you do, please ignore this).


I've looked around the myth en ivtv mailing lists but I couldn't find a
decent solution to this.

I have a myth box (Pundit) with a PVR250 and it works great. There is
this one anoying isue with the sound. Basicly it stops working after a
while. Everything would be ok for a couple of recordigs (2 or 3) and
than the next recording has no sound in it. Switching to live TV after
that has no sound either while previous recording still play ok with
sound. Resetting the ivtv driver (test_ioctl -u 0xff) or restarting
mythbackend fixes things for the next few recordings. 
I've looked at the logs (frontend, backend, syslog, messages, ) but no
difference between a recording with or without sound there. First I
thougt it had someting to do with recordings starting while watching an
other recording but that's not it.

I have switched to the lates CVS versions of Myth and the IVTV drivers
(last Friday) but the problem is still there.

I'm starting to think it's PAL and or stereo nicam related. I found this
h_string=sometimes%20no%20sound;guest=2078416&t=search_engine#91303 and
it mentions a patch for the IVTV sound driver. This looks like it stops
setting a specific stereo mode since it comments out this line in the
msp3400.c file: "msp3400c_setstereo(client,va->mode);"  

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated 


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