[mythtv] mythgallery

Kent Williams kent2 at optusnet.com.au
Tue Jan 20 06:41:37 EST 2004

> > 2. Has anyone started making a mythweb module for mythgallery?  It
> > be wonderful to be able to keep all my pictures on MythTV and
> > them on the web simultaneously.  I may go ahead with this, if no one
> > else has already started (or finished) it.
> some people have managed to get gallery (gallery.sf.net) to work with
> mythgallery. i would assume its not too much effort (and there is
> handling for gallery folders in mythgallery). the amount of effort
> to have a mythweb module for mythgallery might not be trivial, but if
> are really motivated...

Speaking of this, I'd love to see support for Gallery2 in MythGallery.
Ie, MythGallery would have the option to run standalone or pull
information such as album titles, image descriptions, etc from Gallery2
as it's database driven backend (as opposed to the files in Gallery)
should allow easy access to this info.

As far as a web interface is concerned, a theme could be created for
Gallery2 that fits in with MythWeb. It just seems like such a waste of
effort to create a whole new module for 'MythWebGallery' when there are
already such great open source projects out there we could utilise.

Also, just throwing another thought in is the ability to order prints
through services such as FotoWire, whose 'api' is actually not that hard
to interface with.

These are all things that I, at some stage, intend to work on but so far
I haven't found the time :( 
(currently spending spare time looking at a bit of an interface between
the Asterisk PBX project and the MythTvOSD)

Any more thoughts on this?


PS, just to clarify:
Gallery is an open source, web based photo album using files to store
album information, etc. (gallery.menalto.com)
Gallery2 is the 'next generation' of Gallery with much improved
abstraction between the backend and user interface (nice for integration
with MythGallery) + it can be driven from a mysql databse.
Fotowire are a mob that print photos sent to them over the net. They
have a really nice arrangement with Kodak over here in .au called
'print at kodak', which I use for all my digital prints. (www.fotowire.com)

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