[mythtv] Re: New user review, DVB lockups and enhancement requests

Andrew G. Wilson agwilson at rhetorical.com
Fri Feb 20 08:16:24 EST 2004

Daniel - thanks for your response.
> Malcolm and i wrote a little perl script which uses a szap.conf (or
> tzap.conf) as source. It basically works like this:

Can you remember what it's called? I'll have a look for it.

> You can watch a show while it is recording. Simple schedule the
> recording and as soon as the recording starts you can open it as a
> normal recording. You could also simply press the record button during
> livetv.

A-ha.... but, what's the record button? Actually, I've since found out that it's 
'R'. One of my problems though, was that some of the command keys were not 
working (up/down at least), and I didn't know if 'R' does anything. I still 
don't know on my setup :-(

It would be nice to have some feedback on screen when it's recording, so you 
know that it is! Maybe a red blob in the corner or flashing 'Rec' a la 
camcorder, or more informatively 'Rec <chan>' - or even 'Rec <progname>' when 
it's recording in the background.

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