[mythtv] Some bugs???

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sun Feb 15 18:49:15 EST 2004

Richard Naninck wrote:
> - In the Search Listings screen of the TV menu: Going for instance to
> categories, a window pops up with all the categories there are. Film,
> Erotica etc etc. If for instance I select Film, browse the list and then
> press escape I would really think this should hop back to the popup
> window, but it jumps two levels back the the search listings screen.

The "keys.txt" file says:

  Viewing Search Listings
  - Home to change to the previous view if applicable.
  - End to change to the next view if applicable.
  - M to select another view if applicable.
    - In the title and description search popup, press M again to edit or
      delete the selected view.

So "M"enu is what you are looking for to bring up the popup.
ESC is reserved to exit the screen.

> This may be done for a reason, but I think it would be better to escape
> one level at a time. Sometimes I first want to see Movies, then Erotica
> and then......

You can also use the Home/End to switch views without going
back to the popup. This is particularly useful on the keyword
search pages (Titles and Descriptions). Once you've built up
your list of favorite keywords, you can use Home/End to step
through all of your search result lists.

--  bjm

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