[mythtv] who has hdtv?

Daniel Thor Kristjansson danielk at cat.nyu.edu
Mon Feb 9 20:37:48 EST 2004

yep ;)
It was supposed to be a temporary hack, but I forgot to undo it.

I'm not lucky enough to get any PBS stations here. Is the stuttering you
are getting evident as a bunch of "Prebuffering" messages?

-- Daniel

On Mon, 9 Feb 2004, John P. Poet wrote:

]On Mon, 9 Feb 2004, Daniel Thor Kristjansson wrote:
]> Does anyone other than Doug on this list have an HDTV tuner?
]Something about the desired frequency not being set correctly?  I commented
]out that test, and then it worked okay for me.  I have not had a chance to
]use it much, though.
]Keep on working on it!  I for one, appreciate the effort.
]In trying to track down the problem with my PBS stations, I discovered how
]easy it is for the backend to starve the frontend.  Just adding a few
]debugging outputs in the backend, and the frontend starts stuttering badly.
]Made me realize that the backend needs to be as efficient as possible.
]I will probably try your XvMC interlace patch Wednesday night.  Been a long
]time since I compiled Myth with XvMC enabled.

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