[mythtv] hdtv reorg, crc checking + new gui patch

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Thu Feb 5 06:46:41 EST 2004

[Somehow your messages with attachments (MIME) are not showing up  
properly in my mailer (Balsa, and also SquirrelMail).  I wonder if the  
problem's on your end or mine?]

On 02/05/04 04:27:55, Daniel Thor Kristjansson wrote:

> A deinterlace filter would be great. Would it require a full frame  
> read though? At 1920x1080 that would completely kill you on an AGPx8  
> bus.

I am not using XvMC, as I find it more trouble than it's worth.  The  
killer for me is that there's no way to use filters without reading  
back decompressed frames from the card, which as you said would be too  

There *is* a flag for XvMC to display top field or bottom field only,  
but either it's broken or I did not use it correctly when I tried.  Or  
maybe the video is somehow not being flagged as interlaced.

I hope to try out your patches sometime soon, though I only have one  
channel with marginal reception.  Not this weekend though, I'm going  

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