[mythtv] DVB code query

Kenneth Aafl°y ke-aa at frisurf.no
Tue Feb 3 23:42:22 EST 2004


mian wrote:
> Hi,
> I was just wondering if the channel class always needs to keep the DVB
> card in an open state for a particular reason? because I use both
> composite and DVB functions of my card, and both functions 
> are considered separate (ie; one NuppervideoRecorder-V4L, one DVB-T)
> they cannot be used at the same time.  When the DVB channel is kept
> open by mythbackend even when not in use, and you try view composite
> it's just constant VIDIOSYNC errors, the DVB scan util doesn't work
> either.  I've modified it so that the DVBChannel class autocloses
> like NuppelVideoRecorder, and only opens it when it's needed by
> DVBRecorder and it seems to work, when using the toggle recorders
> patch from DVB-T back to composite, DVBRecorder closes the channel,
> and then it gets around 5-6 VIDIOSYNC errors which trigger the bttv
> driver to reset and then composite comes back up, so it isn't perfect
> taking approximately 2-3 seconds between source changes but then
> channel changes are fine, and requires it erroring to trigger the bttv
> reset so pretty much works.  DVBRecorder also needed to call Tune
> to trigger the card getting data on start.
> Still testing it though so thought I'd ask if this may break something
> else for me that I've missed.

It's okay with me if you make it optional, and remember to handle not
only the tuning, but the signal monitor reader thread also. The cam
should also be torn down/rebuild, as should the section filter.


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