[mythtv] Software AC3 decoding when watching TV

Marcus Metzler mocm at mocm.de
Fri Dec 17 16:02:20 UTC 2004

>>>>> "Tj" == Tj  <htpc at treblid.dyndns.org> writes:

    Tj> Marcus Metzler wrote:
    >> streams to 0xe0 and the MPEG audio streams to 0xc0 you should
    >> do it in transfom.c (in send_ipack after the if (p->cid ==
    >> PRIVATE_STREAM1) block) with a check if it is case
    >> ... AUDIO_STREAM_E:
    Tj> Is it a requirement to set all audio streams to 0xc0? Doing
    Tj> that will break AC3.

That was what I was talking about. Setting all audio to 0xc0 will
break AC3. You have to distinguish between private stream audio data
like AC3, DTS and PCM and MPEG audio data.


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