[mythtv] NEW ATSC/HDTV card for MythTV

Alan Gonzalez alandgonzalez at gmail.com
Tue Dec 14 16:23:21 UTC 2004

I went to that site.

Is this the card?  ATSC/8VSB HDTV PCI Card

The card says linux support, is this the driver you wrote?   What do
you think about the card.  Is it stable?


redundant, but I wasn't sure how many people in
> ATSC land would read the DVB Patch 3.0 post..
> I have just finished up writing drivers for the Air2PC-ATSC card and submited
> them to linux-dvb for inclusion in the dvb-kernel.  I also have added some
> better support for ATSC in the DVB patch, since I now have some decent ATSC
> feeds coming in to test with.  I have added support for channel scanning, and
> am at properly parsing the EIT now.. I am hoping to finish refactoring some
> critical parts of the SI (PSIP as well) parser, and put out another patch with
> much improved support for ATSC and DVB cards using the linux-dvb driverset..
> The only place that I am aware of that sells these cards currently is
> www.cyberestore.com if anyone is intrested in getting one.  I only have one, so
> I cannot tell how it will do with 100% certaintity how it will do recording  3
> shows, and watching another.  In my brief tests I was able to record Jay Leno
> in HD (80 megabit stream) and watch it using the same machine.  Recording took
> about 10% cpu, and the hard drive barely seemed phased streaming that to the
> hard drive.  I also was only using an AMD 1800+ CPU.  The BBTI card has
> hardware filtering and also a 4th gen tuner/demodulator so it should take
> consideribly less load on the backend than the pchdtv, and give better
> reception.
> I am really excited about having another option for HD recording in linux before
> the drop dead date for the broadcast flag hits next year.
> Taylor
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