[mythtv] NEW ATSC/HDTV card for MythTV

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 14 17:57:51 UTC 2004

> Is this the card?  ATSC/8VSB HDTV PCI Card


> The card says linux support, is this the driver you wrote?   What do
> you think about the card.  Is it stable?

The driver that I wrote was only for the frontend (tuner/demodulator).  There is
almost nothing that could make a driver of this simplicity be unstable.. It's
either going to work or not work..  The card is the same as the SkyStar2 lines
of satellites cards with a differnet tuner/demodulator..  You can do your own
independent research if you would like, but the Skystar2 is a very highly rated
product for DVB-S reception.. Like I said that card uses hardware filtering of
pids (as opposed to the raw TS sent from the PCHDTV), so the ammount of
processing required by the computer is significantly lower..


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