[mythtv] [PATCH 1/2] mythmusic amd64 support

Isaac Richards ijr at case.edu
Sat Dec 11 03:55:33 UTC 2004

On Friday 10 December 2004 10:33 pm, Kyle Schlansker wrote:
> > Did you just update the version of goom?  I know that the xine people
> > fixed it for amd64 when they incorporated it, and I think those changes
> > were merged into the upstream source.
> That's pretty much all I did.  I had to change some stuff to get the
> fonts working, but since we aren't using that at all, then it doesn't
> matter.  I just wanted to have mythmusic working on my main box.
> It seems that you already know about the amd64 fixes for goom, so do
> you want to pursue this or should I?

Naw go for it - I had been going to do it (grabbed the latest source, had 
started on a diff), but didn't have time.  I'm glad someone else did. =)

I seem to remember changing a couple things back when I did the original 
integration so that the spectroscope was always visible in each of the 
various modes..  I don't remember what, though.


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