[mythtv] Thoughts on new commercial detection option

James Armstrong james at thearmstrongs.org
Thu Dec 2 14:43:43 UTC 2004

Mark Edwards wrote:

>>I have noticed that more and more shows are shown in letterbox (in 4:3
>>format) and have black bars on the top and botton during the 
>>show but switch to full 4:3 during commercials. Would it be 
>>possible to add another commercial detection scheme that 
>>looks for the letterbox format with the black bars, and if 
>>present goes back to the beginning of the show and flags 
>>commercials when the black bars go away?
>An even simpler option for DVB users (at least in the UK) would be to detect
>the "Aspect ratio changed" message that we get at the start and end of
>adverts. Would be great because the other methods are fairly unreliable
That was another thought I had a few months ago but had forgot about it. 
I played with an HDTV recording and the fps of the stream change from 24 
to 30 when it switches from the show to a recording.

- James
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