[mythtv] Thoughts on new commercial detection option

Marc Kessels kessels at rijnh.nl
Thu Dec 2 14:16:43 UTC 2004

Hi James,

well, such a black bar is a wonderful large (opaque) logo. using the (not 
yet completely working) code which I recently submitted for comments, this 
will be automagically flagged. However, since this "logo" is very large, 
the flagging will be rather slow. I will have a look to speed this up in 
this particular case. (i.e. by just limiting the size of a logo)


At 14:24 2-12-2004, you wrote:
>I have noticed that more and more shows are shown in letterbox (in 4:3 
>format) and have black bars on the top and botton during the show but 
>switch to full 4:3 during commercials. Would it be possible to add another 
>commercial detection scheme that looks for the letterbox format with the 
>black bars, and if present goes back to the beginning of the show and 
>flags commercials when the black bars go away?
>- James
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