[mythtv] More ideas on PostgreSQL support, comments welcome

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Mon Aug 30 16:05:37 EDT 2004

On Monday 30 August 2004 03:42 pm, David Härdeman wrote:
> Hi,
> after the initial support patch which I've sent to the list I've now
> been looking at the code which creates/updates the tables in the
> mythtv module (libs/libsmythtv/dbcheck.*).
> Does this sound like a good idea? I wouldn't want to start coding on an
> implementation just to have it rejected which is why I'm presenting this
> idea to the mailing list for review first.

Sounds like a horrible idea to me.  The 'duplicate' implementation is a few 
simple lines of code that doesn't need to be consolidated, and I will _not_ 
update multiple files every schema change.

I will not add support for other databases if it makes the current internal 
database usage any harder to use.  I see absolutely no benefit in doing that.


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