[mythtv] bob glitch on pause (affecting ff/rw etc)

Andy McMullan andy at andymcm.com
Sun Aug 29 00:14:23 EDT 2004

This glitch is particularly noticeable when using ff/rw with the 
Titivillus OSD, because the position slider is at the bottom of the 
screen (rather than the top). What appears to happen is that the bottom 
half of the screen is zoomed up to full height momentarily. So the osd 
seems to double in height momentarily.

After staring at the code for some time I can't see why this is 
happening, but I've found that if I add a call to WaitForFrame to 
NuppelVideoPlayer::OutputVideoLoop, as shown below, the problem mostly 
goes away. No idea whether this is a legitimate fix.

Andy Mc

         if (pausevideo)
             if (!video_actually_paused)

             if (resetvideo)
                 resetvideo = false;

             video_actually_paused = true;

             videoOutput->ProcessFrame(NULL, osd, videoFilters, pipplayer);

             videoOutput->PrepareFrame(NULL, kScan_Ignore);
==>         videosync->WaitForFrame(0);

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