[mythtv] announcement: myLTSPtv

Michael Messner michael.messner_edv at inode.at
Sun Aug 29 13:08:40 EDT 2004


 In the last time i have been working a little more on the 
'myLTSPtv'-terminal project.
For more info please visit: 


Bevor i finally release the first alpha release candidate i have to 
fix two things:

mythtv-dvd (not tested until yet)

After this, all official mythTV plugins are working as a local app 
on the LTSP terminal.

For the alpha release I hope that somebody can help me to create 
LTSP-packages! (I'm not a good scripter/programer)

Whats working:

.) LTSP is booting with etherboot
.) Xine ... working
.) LIRC ... working
.) DMA ... working (DVD drive)
.) Sound ... working
.) SSH-connection to the terminal is possible
.) NFS-shares (like Videos/Pictures/...) possible to automatically 
mount NFS-shares
.) nice Picture during booting
.) modified kernel (started from the original LTSP kernel)
.) lots of modifications on the case (Harman Kardon AVR51)
.) modified one theme
.) LTSP boots directly into mythTV and LIRC
.) mythTV-music ... working
.) mythTV-DVD ... VCDs working
.) mythTV-DVD ... DVDs not tested
.) mythTV-Video ...  working (IMDB also)
.) mythTV-stream ... some troubles (sound quality is very bad)
.) mythTV-Weather ... working
.) mythTV-games ... game-emulators are not tested
.) mythTV-news ... working
.) mythTV-browser ... some troubles (is hanging when I try to open a 
webpage and the frontend get blocked)
.) mythTV-gallery ... working
.) timesynchronisation ...  working

cu mIke

ueberm Rechner Poster von dem Steve Ballmer haengt
Auf der Platte ist ein office und der sichere IE
und wir patchen was das zeug haelt
denn das tut uns gar nicht weh;
und rebooten ist so klasse und
der bluescreen der macht spass
solitaire auf der Kiste und dann noch dies und das!

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