[mythtv] Mythphone added to CVS

Paul Volkaerts paul.volkaerts at lineone.net
Sat Aug 28 19:03:04 EDT 2004

A new module handling phone / video calls based on SIP has been check in.
It is at beta stage so please feel free to compile / try it out and send any
comments to this list.

Note to run the module; you currently need to have the "classic" theme menu
selected.  This is only because I can't decide how to place into the new
menu hierarchy; any suggestions?  Doesn't really fit under "media library"
etc; could start a new group called "communications" and place under there.

The README is up to date and should answer most questions.

Note you will have to also check out mythtv too and re-"make install" to get
the updated mainmenu.xml files.


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