[mythtv] Reasonable avsync at startup

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Mon Aug 30 07:31:30 EDT 2004

Isaac Richards wrote:
> On Sunday 29 August 2004 12:41 pm, Doug Larrick wrote:
>>Isaac Richards wrote:
>>>Does the 'Aggressive soundcard buffering' setting help at all in this
>>Doesn't make a real difference, no.  The problem is how much silence
>>data is buffered when paused, not how much real data is kept buffered.
> Are you confusing 'Agressive soundcard buffering' with 'Extra audio 
> buffering'?  'Aggressive soundcard buffering' makes Myth think the 
> soundcard's buffer is smaller than it actually is, so it won't write as much 
> data to the card while paused...

Ahh, yes I was.  This setting makes a little difference, but I think we 
can do better with a simple fix.

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