[mythtv] Database Question

Jason W. Thompson GameboyHippo at classicnet.net
Wed Aug 25 10:37:32 EDT 2004

Ah...  I get it now.  When I update a field, the key is changed; yet it is 
still the same in cache.  So when I updated the rest of the stuff using 
mysqlcc it did not work since the key was now wrong.  Very bizzare.  I'm glad 
to hear that it was changed in the CVS.



On Tuesday 24 August 2004 23:11, Oscar Carlsson wrote:
>  > What's more is
> >
> > that the frontend now claims that it started recording at the time the
> > database was updated, but stopped recording at the correct time and date.
> Have a look at the DB again, it's wrong, you need to update it with
> something like starttime=starttime when changing stuf, or it'll change
> (no longer like that in cvs afaik)
> /oscar

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