[mythtv] [patch] Add screensaver status

Neil Whelchel koyama at firstlight.net
Wed Aug 18 15:53:52 EDT 2004

Well, here's the story... I am trying to get my MythTv install as small as
possible. (I am using EPIA boards without any disk drives. Network boot.)
Also, I have been at war with xscreensaver in combination with Myth, at
the end of the day, it really doesn't do what it needs to do. So here is
the solution. Write a plugin for myth that starts and kills an outside
screensaver the same way that xscreensaver does and use the Myth interface
to configure it. At the moment I have the plugin working with a hard-wired
configuration. (Not done with the configuration stuff.) I also wrote a
custom saver to go with it. It is a slideshow program that reads some of
the MythGallery configuration and displays random images from the Gallery
directory with a few random transitions.

Another thing that could be done with the patch I have submitted is some
sort of an internal control could be made to signal outside screensaver
applications. (Other than the builtin X11 saver.)

-Neil Whelchel-
First Light Internet Services
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On Wed, 18 Aug 2004, Buechler, Mark R wrote:

> May I ask about the details of your screensaver plugin? I am very much
> interested.
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> Hello,
> I thought that the current state of the screensaver needed to be stored at
> some place or another... Currently Myth has the functions to enable or
> disable the builtin X11 screensaver, but there is really no way read the
> state if the X11 builtin screensaver is disabled. (Change 0 -> 0)
> This would be needed if anyone wanted to add any sort of an internal
> screensaver or screensaver management to Myth.
> Since I am writing a screensaver plugin, so I need it. ;)
> -Neil Whelchel-
> First Light Internet Services
> 760 366-0145
> - We don't do Window$, that's what the janitor is for -
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