[Small PATCH as Req] + Re: [mythtv] frequent PlayBoxTransparency setting DB lookup in mythvideo

Colin Guthrie myth at colin.guthr.ie
Tue Aug 17 18:47:21 EDT 2004

J. Donavan Stanley wrote:
> Things should be MUCH better now with what I just checked in.

Yup :D thanks very much for looking into this and fixing it!

Very much better. Both the problems I was having with Browser and 
Gallery seem to have gone. :)

Also, attached is another patch for you as requested. Hope things are OK 
now. I've just kept to the >0 convension.

I've even tested it with adding some new videos and metadata and it 
seems to work correctly with the LAST_INSERT_ID() thing (although I'm a 
little unsure as to the correct test case, but the overall process 
seemed to work fine!) Like I say there may be a better method of this 
built into the QT database stuff. If I get a change I'll look this up at 
some point and submit another patch, but it seems to work for now anyway!

You made a comment "Actually is there a real need to create a
QString out of that literal string at all?": I would have just passed it 
straight into the query.exec call as a literal, but I realised the query 
is passed to the user as an error should something bork. I can take the 
whole error reporting out and pass it in directly, but I thought I'd 
just leave well alone for now ;)

FYI, I'm not sure if it is in any way related, but the interlacing of 
the screen in the Video Manager when doing an IMDB lookup seems to be 
very slow now...

Oh, for what it's worth, I remembered why we use an explicit check for 1 
row at work.... it's because we often work on each others files etc. in 
the team and it makes the code a lot clearer to people when working on 
files you didn't write yourself that the author expects *exactly* one 
row from that query. Not a big deal really, it's just for overall clarity.


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