[mythtv] How do I create a selectable tree widget?

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Mon Aug 9 16:24:51 EDT 2004

On Monday 09 August 2004 04:05 pm, Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> Somewhat related question, regarding that Watch Recordings action menu
> again.  While I'd like to use UIListBtnTree as a list of scrollable
> buttons, is there any hints on how to accomplish this as a pop-up?
> Everything I've seen to date on the UItypes code has been on full screen
> windows.

Heh, true, I hadn't thought of that -- with the current code you'd basically 
have to change the MythThemedDialog to be able to live in a popup for that to 
work.  I think. =)  It'll all be a lot easier with the new UI code.

> Also, would you prefer a scrollable pop-up list of choices over say a
> full screen INFO screen that appears when pressing INFO on Watch Records
> with a scrollable action list on that page?

I think it should be a popup if possible.


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