[mythtv] How do I create a selectable tree widget?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Mon Aug 9 16:05:14 EDT 2004

Isaac Richards wrote:

>On Monday 09 August 2004 02:22 pm, Morten wrote:
>>Hi again!
>>Am I completely stoned, if I've once seen a functionality like this in
>>MythMusic (music selection)?
>>I think it would be a very user-friendly alternative to present large
>>amounts of structured information, and I would certainly be willing to do
>>the necessary foot work to make a widget with this functionality. Just
>>please tell me where to start..... Should my new widget just inherit UIType
>>and everything else made from scratch (i.e. through Qt's base classes) on
>>top of this, or do I have any specific 'libmyth' helper libraries/classes
>>at my disposal?
>No.  Use the UIListBtnTree, as MythMusic does for file selection.  No more 
>tree types will be going in.  The UI should be consistant throughout the app.
Somewhat related question, regarding that Watch Recordings action menu 
again.  While I'd like to use UIListBtnTree as a list of scrollable 
buttons, is there any hints on how to accomplish this as a pop-up?  
Everything I've seen to date on the UItypes code has been on full screen 

Also, would you prefer a scrollable pop-up list of choices over say a 
full screen INFO screen that appears when pressing INFO on Watch Records 
with a scrollable action list on that page?


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