[mythtv] issue with display whilst using xinerama

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Sat Aug 7 09:33:21 EDT 2004

Steven wrote:
> Op za 07-08-2004, om 05:12 schreef Ben de Luca:
>>I have a 2nd front end on another machine i use as a desktop machine. 
>>Recently (last few months I have been away) the video playback has 
>>decided to resize it self to twice the available vertical size in the 
>>window. hence I have a stretched display that only shows half of what i 
>>should see. what is interesting is when the OSD is shown it works like 
>>it should.
> I upgraded to CVS yesterday and now I see something similar. On my
> Pundit only the top half of the image (live-tv and recordings) is
> displayed. Strangely enough this is only when de-interlacing is on
> (tried linear blend, bob, kernel...) Turn de-interlacing off and the
> full image is there. Also, when paused, the full image is there.
> I was thinking it had something to do with compiling in the viahwslice
> stuff (for my epia frontend) until I read your post.
> Any ideas?

This sounds like maybe two separate issues to me.

Ben, if you temporarily turn off Xinerama does the problem fix itself? 
The Xinerama extension is constructed in such a way that it's impossible 
to retrieve the aspect ratio of the two screens independently.  I know 
there is special code for Xinerama present (essentially, assumes square 
pixels), but I bet it's suffered bit-rot.

Isaac wrote:
> Sounding like an issue with the new bob deinterlacer support code.

Possible, I suppose, but I doubt it.  I assume this is non-Xinerama? 
What output method?  The only two that have code capable of cutting a 
frame in half are Xv and XvMC, and there only in support of bobdeint.

The way that bobdeint works is to rearrage the scan lines so the first 
field is at the top of the frame, and the second at the bottom.  Then it 
requires the cooperation of the video output method to show the proper 
half of the frame.  I only implemented this cooperation in Xv and XvMC 
because I (a) can't test the others, and (b) don't understand how they 
work well enough to do it blind.  In other words, videoout_viaslice 
hasn't changed.

Paul Woodward wrote:
> This is what I have found: Bob looks horrible if the OSD is showing - it
> flickers. TV looks good though. One field, Linear blend and Kernel all
> show only the top half of the TV picture.

This is with viaslice videoout?  Bob should disable itself on that 
videoout method.  You should get a "Couldn't load deinterlace filter 
bobdeint" message from the frontend.

FYI, I am on vacation for a week, and will be out of email contact from 
Sunday morning through next weekend.

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