[mythtv] issue with display whilst using xinerama

Paul Woodward paul_woodward at fastnet.co.uk
Sat Aug 7 03:18:10 EDT 2004

Try changing the deinterlacer - I'm trying bob and it seems to work ok,
had one lockup. Will report back...


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Op za 07-08-2004, om 05:12 schreef Ben de Luca:
> I have a 2nd front end on another machine i use as a desktop machine. 
> Recently (last few months I have been away) the video playback has 
> decided to resize it self to twice the available vertical size in the 
> window. hence I have a stretched display that only shows half of what
> should see. what is interesting is when the OSD is shown it works like

> it should.

I upgraded to CVS yesterday and now I see something similar. On my
Pundit only the top half of the image (live-tv and recordings) is
displayed. Strangely enough this is only when de-interlacing is on
(tried linear blend, bob, kernel...) Turn de-interlacing off and the
full image is there. Also, when paused, the full image is there.

I was thinking it had something to do with compiling in the viahwslice
stuff (for my epia frontend) until I read your post.

Any ideas?
I'm doing a distclean/recompile without the via stuff right now.



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