[mythtv] mythui

Mike Javorski mikej at carmelfly.com
Tue Aug 3 00:05:37 EDT 2004

I had seen the inclusion of the Xinerama libraries in the settings.pro
file, but since it was saying that it couldn't find the Xinerama*
functions I assumed it was because Xinerama support wasn't installed in
X. Turns out it was installed, but qmake wasn't including those
libraries properly. I don't know qmake, so I didn't look into it much
deeper than that. 

Someone mentioned adding the library manually to the Makefile, which I
did, and I got it to compile. I noticed your commit today that fixed
that in CVS as well.

Anyways, it looks nice, not too horrible on the CPU usage on my MythTV
box (AthlonXP2200 + Nvidia GeForce440MX). It was hovering under 1% in
top with jumps to 5 or 6% when switching screens. Did note the memory
leak as well, but overall this new OpenGL stuff is slick. Can't wait to
see MythTV using that for it's UI in the future :-).

- mike

On Mon, 2004-08-02 at 20:33, Isaac Richards wrote:
> On Monday 02 August 2004 01:42 am, Mike Javorski wrote:
> > Odd.. MythTV compiles just fine on the same box (in fact it IS my mythtv
> > box running mythtv-cvs from about 3 weeks ago). There must be something
> > in there that is causing the problem..
> See, that's a different problem than what you alluded to in the first message.  
> Should be fixed in CVS, anyway.
> _ALWAYS_ include any error message when attempting to report a problem.
> Isaac
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