[mythtv] BUG? Can't skip when in-progress recording finishes

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Fri Apr 30 13:28:47 EDT 2004

Joseph A. Caputo wrote:
> I was watching 'Survivor' as it was being recorded last night, and since 
> I have an M-179 I was forced to use the Jump keys to skip the 
> commercials.  I noticed that when the in-progress recording finished, I 
> lost the ability to jump.  The OSD would come up but it jumped zero 
> seconds.  FF/REW still worked.  I exited the recording (saving 
> position) and then started watching again and was able to jump around 
> again with no problems.

This is a known problem and the workaround is exactly what you
did, save and exit then start playback again.

When playback starts during a record in progress, the player
has to ask the encoder for keyframe information so that it can
use new position map info as it is added. This isn't necessary
for a completed recording where there is a complete seektable.

When the recording ends, the encoder goes away so the player
can no longer ask it for info. The problem that you are seeing
is that there is no provision to notice that the encoder is
gone and switch to finding the info as it would with a
pre-recorded show.

If you rewind and move around it works fine and if you had
skipped to the end before the recording ended it would also
be happy. Also playing without seeking works normally. It's only
when you seek forward into new territory after the recording
ends that the problem shows up.

--  bjm

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