[mythtv] Multi-user option

Ben Bucksch linux.news at bucksch.org
Thu Apr 29 15:37:18 EDT 2004

Ronald van Eijck wrote:

I have been thinking of this as well, but with another background, where 
users are completely independent - no way to see the other users' 
recordings, schedules etc..
Think of an apartment house sharing the same cluster of MythTV backends, 
so you can easily distribute an unlimited number of channels using a 
cat5 cable only (cabling is a huge problem in some houses) and offer 
harddisk recording and maybe Internet access as additional services.
Or, as you mentioned, if you don't want your parents/children to see 
what you watch ;-).

>* If multiple users are defined a login screen comes before the
>   current main screen. This login screen shows the available
>   users (xp style). User selects his/her picture and is asked for
>   a pincode (if required). From there on user gets the normal
>   main screen with the defined menu for users role. If the user
>   exits the main screen the system falls back to the login screen.
Sounds very good, but it would be good to be able to save your login and 
password, so that this client machine always uses the same login without 

Do you intent to use password encryption (Digest, whatever)?

However, for the above use, all kinds of hard security issues start to 
rise, esp. if you assume the users to be competent and malice (sniffers, 
attacking backend, MySQL etc.), I just wanted to throw this out so you 
can consider this. Thanks for takling this area at all.

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