[mythtv] Multi-user option

Ronald van Eijck ronald at vaneijck.com
Thu Apr 29 15:08:45 EDT 2004


I'm in the process of configuring a MythTV box for familie usage but am
missing a multi-user option so I'd like to add that. Though I am an
experienced C++ programmer I don't know the MythTV codebase so
I'd like to hear opinions on the actual implementation of my ideas.

My MythTv box will be used by four different user categories:
* Myself.
   - All content available.
   - All functions available
* My wife.
   - All content available.
   - Playback & Record functions. No settings.
* My doughter.
   - Only content with parental level 1.
   - Playback functions only.
* Guests.
   - Only content with parental level 2.
   - Playback functions only.

Ideas for implementation:
* Define the different roles for users like: Admin, User & Guest.
   It would be best if roles where configurable but to start simple this
   can be a defined set. Roles map to a menu set.
* Define user with properties like: 
   - Name 
   - Role
   - Icon or Picture
   - Pincode
   - Parental level
* By default an admin user is defined. If only the admin
   user is present everything works just like it does now.
* If multiple users are defined a login screen comes before the
   current main screen. This login screen shows the available
   users (xp style). User selects his/her picture and is asked for
   a pincode (if required). From there on user gets the normal
   main screen with the defined menu for users role. If the user
   exits the main screen the system falls back to the login screen.




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