[mythtv] PATCH: PlaybackBox group info cleanup

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Wed Apr 28 20:35:34 EDT 2004

Ben Levitt wrote:

>This patch cleans up a few things surrounding the
>group info changes in playbackbox.
>The biggest problem was that moving right from the
>right column brought up the action menu, which was
>annoying if you hit right twice by mistake (which I
>have to believe is not uncommon).  
That change was intentional...  Moving right brings up the next menu.

>To make mattersworse, you couldn't get back from that menu by
>pressing left.  This felt asymetrical.  
RSN you'll be able to exit the popup by pressing left, I just have a few 
things on my plate.

>And when "ShowGroupInfo" is set, pressing Info from
>the left column now won't bring up the actionMenu,
>since in this case, no episode is supposed to be
Doh! I missed that one.

>Also, I added a gui checkbox setting to turn on/off
>"Show Group Summary".  (Maybe this should be described
>differently?  Should this setting be inverted?)  
Thanks I forgot the UI for this.

>Finally, I removed the setting "ShowSelAlways", and
>made this a settable parameter of UIListType.  Now
>playbackBox turns this UIListType feature on when
>"ShowGroupInfo" is set.
That works for me as long as it works for Issac.

I'll put some of this in when I put the fix in for deleting after using 
the popup to play.

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