[mythtv] PATCH: PlaybackBox group info cleanup

Ben Levitt levittben at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 28 19:58:38 EDT 2004

This patch cleans up a few things surrounding the
group info changes in playbackbox.

The biggest problem was that moving right from the
right column brought up the action menu, which was
annoying if you hit right twice by mistake (which I
have to believe is not uncommon).  To make matters
worse, you couldn't get back from that menu by
pressing left.  This felt asymetrical.  So I changed
it so that moving right from the right column does
nothing. (Select still plays the episode, and Info
still brings up the action menu.)

And when "ShowGroupInfo" is set, pressing Info from
the left column now won't bring up the actionMenu,
since in this case, no episode is supposed to be

Also, I added a gui checkbox setting to turn on/off
"Show Group Summary".  (Maybe this should be described
differently?  Should this setting be inverted?)  

Finally, I removed the setting "ShowSelAlways", and
made this a settable parameter of UIListType.  Now
playbackBox turns this UIListType feature on when
"ShowGroupInfo" is set.


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