[mythtv] feature requests

Damion de Soto damion at snapgear.com
Mon Apr 26 20:23:56 EDT 2004

> Is anyone thinking or working on a 'keyword or title' wish list to the 
> database where a show that is not currently in the epg (and therefore 
> can't be entered in to record) can be recorded? Entering a show title or 
> keywords to the database with a flag for search title or desciption, if 
> found when running mythfilldatabase will be added to the list of show to 
> be recorded. I have a handfull of shows that are not playing yet but 
> would like to have them autorecord. I know there was a message in the 
> past about setting  up a manual recording then going back in to edit it 
> and change to any channel was a workaround but I think this would be a 
> pretty good feature.
Isn't this what the 'program finder' is for ?
or did i misunderstand something....

> The other feature would be to limit the recordings to 'first runs only' 
> or 'all showings'. The Tivo has this feature and I like it a lot. For 
> example, I can set Stargate SG1 to record all shows, all channels, but I 
> only want the new episodes to record when they come back on later this 
> year. Right now they are playing alot of repeats for this show and don't 
> want to record them. I think Tivo searches for (Repeat) in the 
> description or a flag in the EPG that specifies it is a repeat and won't 
> record the show if it is set to 'First runs only'.
This was discussed a few weeks ago.
the use of 'repeat' in the title, description or i believe there's actually
a 'repeat' variable too, is not constant across all XML tv guide providers.


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