[mythtv] feature requests

James Armstrong james at thearmstrongs.org
Mon Apr 26 14:27:42 EDT 2004

Is anyone thinking or working on a 'keyword or title' wish list to the 
database where a show that is not currently in the epg (and therefore 
can't be entered in to record) can be recorded? Entering a show title or 
keywords to the database with a flag for search title or desciption, if 
found when running mythfilldatabase will be added to the list of show to 
be recorded. I have a handfull of shows that are not playing yet but 
would like to have them autorecord. I know there was a message in the 
past about setting  up a manual recording then going back in to edit it 
and change to any channel was a workaround but I think this would be a 
pretty good feature.

The other feature would be to limit the recordings to 'first runs only' 
or 'all showings'. The Tivo has this feature and I like it a lot. For 
example, I can set Stargate SG1 to record all shows, all channels, but I 
only want the new episodes to record when they come back on later this 
year. Right now they are playing alot of repeats for this show and don't 
want to record them. I think Tivo searches for (Repeat) in the 
description or a flag in the EPG that specifies it is a repeat and won't 
record the show if it is set to 'First runs only'.

- James

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