[mythtv] PATCH: Don't hilight the selection in an inactive list

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Sat Apr 24 19:14:37 EDT 2004

Bruce Markey wrote:

> I would have to agree in several ways. When John Danner added
> the columns and wire frames for this and progfind, it was a big
> step forward for the look and feel. However, the only thing the
> left column has ever been used for is a view of the list sorted
> by starttime and views per each title. I don't really find a
> view per title all that useful and I think we would be better
> served by one view of the list sorted by title. Therefore, just
> removing the left column and having a time sort view and a title
> sort view would be better than it is right now.

I use the left column quite a bit. I group my recordings by category, 
and then use the left view for selecting from various series...  It's 
simple, and it's easy for folks who first sit down to grok.

> If the left column was removed there would be more space for titles,
> room to include the starttime and size on the same page (rather that
> one on Watch and the other on Delete), possibly room for a status
> indicator to show if auto-expire is on or off for example.

You can put most/all of that in the details section for each recording 
right now if you wanted to.

> A view list for the current features would need to include sort by
> time, sort by title, and subset per recording group. However,
> other views may be useful such as sort by size, sort by category,
> sort by station, subset for shows with auto-expire, subset without
> auto-expire, etc. Possibly even store the priority at record time
> in recorded and sort by priority so that your favorite shows appear
> at the top. Using views as the premise of the playbox would make
> it easier for people to add views that they may find useful.
> I guess what I envision would be similar to, say, Search Listings->
> Categories except a playbox list of recordings rather than proglist
> search results from 'program'. 

Using the UI from those would be a step backwards I think but I'd have 
to see it in action before I made up my mind.

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