[mythtv] PATCH: Don't hilight the selection in an inactive list

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Fri Apr 23 18:48:26 EDT 2004

Ben Levitt wrote:
> I was thinking that the Watch Recordings screen could
> change so that if the left column has focus, the set
> of available actions would be different that when the
> right column has focus (which could remain as-is).

Yes, anything could be changed in any way but you had
indicated that the problem you wanted to resolve was that
it didn't look good in visor. I think the solution to
that problem would be to adjust the visor colors. Changing
the behavior of the playbox is a different issue.

> When the left column has focus, the default action
> should be to shift focus to the right column, as
> pressing RIGHT does now.  Also, since no particular
> episode is selected when the left column has focus, we

You are speaking in the present tense whereas you may have
meant the future tense after what you suggest(?). Currently
there is a selected item on the right which is why it is
highlighted and is convenient to press enter or "i" without
have to press right first.

> probably shouldn't display the episode name, subtitle,
> description, preview frame/video in this case.

Here's the downside. I often (and you may too ;-) scroll thru
the left column looking at the descriptive info and even the
titles in the large font. Having to press right to see one then
left, down, right to see the next would be inconvenient.

> The main downside would be that you'd have to press
> Enter-Enter to choose the first episode in a list of
> shows, instead of just Enter.  But I don't think
> that's a very bad thing...

But you do know in saying this that it is less convenient and
not more convenient. So I don't think this makes things better.
Again, if the problem is that there isn't good contrast between
visor's highlight color and inactive color, maybe you should
attack that rather than making the GUI slightly less easy to
use overall.

> I'll make the changes if others think it's a good
> idea...

One thing I've always thought is that when you enter the playbox,
the focus should maybe initially be on the right. I often (and you
may too ;-) click Watch Recording and mindlessly start pressing
down only to find that I'm not going down the titles rather then
the All list. I grumble then go back up, right, then down.

What would be even better is if the last item selected was stored
so that returning to Watch Recording screen would put you right
back to where you had been before.

If the focus started on the right, the user would only need to
press enter once to start playback. I wouldn't mind a change to
Enter on the left as much then but I still think seeing descriptions
while focus is left is a Good Thing.

--  bjm

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