[mythtv] PATCH: Don't hilight the selection in an inactive list

Ben Levitt levittben at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 23 17:06:57 EDT 2004

I was thinking that the Watch Recordings screen could
change so that if the left column has focus, the set
of available actions would be different that when the
right column has focus (which could remain as-is).

When the left column has focus, the default action
should be to shift focus to the right column, as
pressing RIGHT does now.  Also, since no particular
episode is selected when the left column has focus, we
probably shouldn't display the episode name, subtitle,
description, preview frame/video in this case.

The main downside would be that you'd have to press
Enter-Enter to choose the first episode in a list of
shows, instead of just Enter.  But I don't think
that's a very bad thing...

I'll make the changes if others think it's a good


--- "J. Donavan Stanley" <jdonavan at jdonavan.net>
> Bruce Markey wrote:
> > David Engel wrote:
> >
> >> On Thu, Apr 22, 2004 at 03:05:27PM -0700, Ben
> Levitt wrote:
> >>
> >>> This tiny patch makes lists not hilight the
> selected
> >>> item when they're inactive. 
> >>> I made this change so that, in Watch Recordings,
> when
> >>> the focus is in the left column (you are
> choosing a
> >>> show, not an episode of that show) the right
> hand
> >>> column (episodes) doesn't have an item
> hilighted.
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> One problem is that some actions, play and delete
> for example, still
> >> operate on the current item in the right column
> even if it doesn't
> >> have focus.
> >
> >
> > Correct. Actually, I seem to remember that the top
> item on
> > the right was not hilighted and the hilight was
> added as a
> > solution.
> I've got that fixed, and am working on a group
> summary for when the 
> focus is on the left side.
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