[mythtv] Help with CVS 4/21 problem

James Armstrong james at thearmstrongs.org
Thu Apr 22 13:44:15 EDT 2004

I have been running v.15 bleeding version with no problems but saw a few 
things I really wanted fixed in the CVS version. I compiled and 
installed Wed evening and ran into a few problems and need some help 
getting back to normal. The first thing was mythfrontend complained 
about not being able to find PurpleGalaxy theme. It was in 
/usr/share/mythtv/themes and it looked like the source would check 
locally first then there so I created a symlink to it in the .mythtv 
directory. Frontend loaded but all I had was TV and SETUP, all the other 
menus were gone. I could play recorded shows and record but the SETUP 
menu would not work well on certain choices like Appearence. It would 
give an index error and crash. How can I get back to normal or what did 
I do wrong installing from CVS?

- James

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