[mythtv] Mythmusic and NFS

Thomas Börkel thomas at boerkel.de
Thu Apr 22 02:06:36 EDT 2004


I am playing ogg files via NFS over WLAN. Most of the time, it works 
great, but every now and then (about every 20 minutes or so), the 
playing pauses for one second. I guess, it's when the WLAN changes the 
connection speed or something.

I have already tried playing with buffer sizes and timeout values of NFS 
with no improving.

I have seen in the archives the suggestion of increasing globalBlockSize 
  in constants.h, if music stutters. Could this possibly help me, too? 
If yes, shouldn't that be an option in the mythmusic configuration?

Or maybe mythmusic could copy the whole song to /tmp before playing 
optionally? I know, this makes no sense, if the song is on a local hard 
disk, but I guess, quite a few people use NFS.

Using MythTV 0.14 on Fedora Core 1.

Thanks for any comments!


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